Fire Agate

Fire Agate is the name given to a brilliant multi-colored gemstone that combines a deep brown base hue with flashes of orange, red, green and gold that look like tongues of living flame. The best stones come from Mexico. Fire Agate’s iridescent colors are produced by light interference at thin layers of regularly spaced iron oxide crystals within the chalcedony.

Fire Agates vibrate with the vitality of the physical world and are ideal tools for those who need to have an ‘in-the-body experience.’ Among the spiritually inclined segment of the population, there are many who attempt or wish to avoid the messy and painful difficulties of life by escaping into the upper realms. Unfortunately, the price one pays is often high, and one can become a spacey, low-energy person who glows with spiritual light but doesn’t generate enough heat to get anything done. For those of us who lament that they don’t much like the Earth and they want to go home, Fire Agate is an ideal remedy. Here is a stone that can help us remember why the lines of people waiting for the chance to be born on this planet were so long. Fire Agate awakens the lower chakras and fills one with the zest for living. It lights one’s inner fires of life force, creativity, sexuality and will. It activates the senses and increases the pleasure one takes in everyday life. In helping one come fully into the body, Fire Agate assists one in making real the divine blueprint of one’s life purpose.

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