Ruby Kyanite

Ruby Kyanite is a naturally occurring combination of red Ruby and blue Kyanite. It was found in South India. Ruby is a red variety of corundum, an aluminum oxide with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 9. Blue Kyanite is an aluminum-silicate mineral with a triclinic crystal system and a hardness varying from 4.5 to 7, depending on the axis. Ruby Kyanite is predominantly Kyanite, and is a rather dark blue, containing somewhat muted red spots of Ruby. ROBERT SIMMONS Ruby Kyanite is a fascinating and fortunate combination of red Ruby and blue Kyanite. As one might imagine, it combines the properties of Ruby and Kyanite. This makes it an excellent stone for working to increase one’s Life Force, courage, passion and physical strength, while at the same time stimulating intuition, psychic abilities, the awareness of the wisdom of dreams, and one’s ability to navigate successfully in the spiritual realms. This is an excellent stone for those who experience anxiety about spiritual exploration, or believe they do not have the necessary qualities to do inner work. Ruby Kyanite simultaneously facilitates expanded awareness and spiritual sensitivity while enhancing one’s courage, strength, and sense of adventure. It stimulates the root chakra and the third eye, enhancing visionary awareness as well as physical vitality and Life Force. Ruby and Kyanite together in the same stone help one to integrate high spiritual energies into the physical body, and to ‘walk the talk’ of one’s spiritual life in the everyday world. These stones teach the lesson that the physical and spiritual realms are not separate at all, and that our destiny is to unify all dimensions of experience within our own beings. In emotional life, Ruby Kyanite increases one’s feelings of passion while maintaining an enhanced level of sensitivity. This makes it an ideal stone for lovers, or to give to someone to whom one is attracted. This combination facilitates the forming of intimate relationships, and one may discover that things happen fast in the presence of this stone! In everyday life, keeping a Ruby Kyanite nearby during work has a number of benefits. It tends to increase vitality, allowing one to work long hours without exhaustion. It stimulates inspiration and insight, so that one may more readily discern better ways to accomplish tasks. It can even take one beyond the work at hand and reveal new visions of one’s purpose and potential, while inspiring one with the courage to take on the challenges of embracing them.

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