Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire has long been known as a stone of prosperity. In India, merchants wear fine Yellow Sapphire gems to enhance their success, and people are often buried or cremated with Yellow Sapphires placed in their mouths, to ensure wealth in the next life. In the West, metaphysical practitioners use Yellow Sapphire to assist in bringing not only financial abundance, but also in manifesting any vision one wishes to realize. Yellow Sapphires provide the ideal vibration of the third chakra, seat of the will. With them, one can focus one’s intention for the achievement of almost any aim. It is not surprising that Yellow Sapphire is used as a stone for the attainment of prosperity, since that is an almost universal desire. Yet these stones will assist one in successfully manifesting just about anything one wishes, by means of the magnification of one’s intention through the solar plexus.

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