Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral with a hardness of 3 to 4. It occurs in rhombohedral crystals, and occasionally in other crystal forms. It is also found in granular, massive and fibrous habits. It forms in sediments, hydrothermal veins and metamorphic rocks.

In terms of luster, it is often dull, with a matte surface in its original state. However, this is a porous gem that can be easily dyed and polished to create bold and vibrant colors. It’s often dyed to a light blue color, because with its dark veining, it very closely resembles Turquoise.

Magnesite is one of the most powerful stones for activating the third-eye and crown chakras. The crystalline form is more powerful than the massive (which is often available in tumbled form), but both are very potent.

Magnesite can help one in the process of self-reflection and can clarify inner seeing. It is something of a ‘truth detector’ when one is doing inner work, and it can help one to see through the unconscious blinders that may keep one in a state of confusion. ‘Kidding oneself’ is almost impossible under the influence of Magnesite. Among Magnesite’s mystical properties is the awakening of the mind to communication with the heart. The heart speaks, not in words but in yearnings, desires and fleeting sensations of joy or pain. When the heart is in communion with the higher mind, there can be sustained experiences of ineffable joy. Magnesite doesn’t activate the heart chakra, but it does stimulate the part of the brain/ mind which can hear and respond to the heart’s ‘voice.’ If one uses Magnesite in meditation, one is advised to give attention to this potential. ‘Ask’ the heart about what to do, in regard to almost anything, and try to discern the tiny feelings which arise. To follow the heart’s prompting is the beginning of wisdom.

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