Ruby is a red variety of corundum, an aluminum oxide with a hardness of 9. The intense red color of Ruby comes from chromium.

Rubies emanate the pure Red Ray with a vibrancy unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom.

Wearing Ruby has the effect of energizing and activating one’s physical, mental and emotional bodies. Rubies enhance one’s passion and fortitude, allowing for the wholehearted pursuit of one’s aspirations. They eliminate feelings of hopelessness or defeat from one’s thoughts, and they open the wellspring of optimism and determination needed to accomplish difficult goals. They impart a feeling of power to the wearer, improving self-confidence and adventurousness. Rubies vibrate with an enthusiasm for life, instilling an openhearted willingness to make whatever leaps of faith are required to move forward. If one feels stuck in any sort of rut— in career, in relationships, or in one’s spiritual path— Ruby can provide the energy to get things moving. This stone is a magnet for novelty and adventure. Ruby is a stone of courage. It assuages doubt and assists one in dealing with anxiety. It helps one become comfortable with the unknown and teaches one not to fear death.  Ruby’s message is “Better to die than not to live.” With its magnetism for novelty and synchronicity, Ruby often brings one into situations in which one must face old fears. (Think of rock climbing, parasailing, public speaking, etc.) Yet it also teaches one to enjoy the thrill of such confrontations. Courage, after all, is not the absence of fear— it is moving forward in the face of fear. Ruby inspires you to keep going. Ruby inspires the protective aspects of one’s character. It encourages one to step forward and stand up for those who are threatened, whether they be friends, children, animals, trees, a homeless stranger or victims of war in another country. It prods one to speak truth to power, even when one may feel vulnerable. It compels one to ‘rock the boat’ if the captain is corrupt. Ruby helps you be the kind of person you would look up to.

Ruby is a traditional prosperity stone. It assists one in meeting one’s needs on all levels of being and is particularly good at attracting wealth. Ruby assists in connecting one’s energy field to the Earth, allowing one to replenish one’s energy stores. It is excellent for grounding and can be used to counter spaciness, dizziness, and other symptoms of energetic overload. It is an excellent support in times of stress or when one must go the extra mile before having the opportunity to rest. 

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