Tanzanite is a member of the Zoisite family, a calcium aluminum silicate mineral with a hardness of 6.5 to 7. Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, Africa.
The name Tanzanite, which is derived from the country where the stone is found, was introduced by Tiffany and Co., the New York jewelers.

Tanzanite is the most valuable of all metaphysical stones. It is the stone which most effectively integrates the energies of the mind and heart, helping one to remain centered in the heart’s wisdom while evaluating the ideas of the activated mind. It opens a cascade of thoughts and insights, but it keeps one calmly anchored upon the inner throne of compassionate humanity, thereby insuring that one be not carried away on mental tangents of little true value. When one’s eyes rest upon Tanzanite stones,  one is stirred by their beauty and the ‘beauty’ one appreciates is a reflection of the mental and emotional qualities these stones awaken in the self. It is good to wear Tanzanite as jewelry, because in making these stones visible to others, one is spreading the self-awakening Tanzanite can bring.

It creates a link between the heart and mind, allowing one to perceive situations, experiences and circumstances from the perspective of enlightened compassion.

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