Snow Quartz

Snow Quartz

Properties Type: Silicon dioxide. The crystals can be quite chunky Colour: Polar white. Opaque

Associated crystals: Sardonyx, snowflake obsidian and white opal.

Mythology and history It is the stone of the snow moon, the moon that heralds the month known by Amerindians as Gnawing on Bones, the time of the deep snow. A yin stone, it is associated with winter. Divinatory significance: Let unprofitable situations run their course and build up your strength for the future. Healing and the environment: Snow quartz strengthens bones, bone marrow and teeth and aids calcium absorption. Uses at work and home:  Snow quartz gives you resourcefulness and stamina for tasks you may not relish. It favours ventures where you rely on yourself, whether in filling in your tax forms or finding a new source of income. It will help you to survive tricky patches in your life until luck smiles on you again. Psychic associations: It can gradually change your fortunes. Use in ice magic: melt ice or snow to soften a cold relationship or release your frozen feelings.

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